When it comes to industrial ventilation systems, its principal aim is to supply conditioned air. This means air that’s clean and odourless to breathe at a safe and comfortable atmosphere. The industrial ventilation system controls the quality, temperature and movement of the atmosphere and ensures that it reaches a comfortable variety. This type of system is extremely important to install in factories and wood shops to ensure the well-being of your workers.  

Industrial ventilation system

In this article I will break down the three main uses of an industrial ventilation system and what they do. A better comprehension of the industrial ventilation system makes you understand the importance of regular maintenance to make sure its long-lasting performance and complete benefits. 

How does an Industrial Ventilation System work?  

The industrial ventilation system acts in a constant cycle to provide heated or chilled air as needed. Not only does it supply heat and air conditioning, it also filters any harmful, unwanted pollution from the air. Below these different types of performance are explained.  

Ventilation Systems  

The exhaust ventilation system uses exhaust fans for pulling air from the building. The supply ventilation system does it the other way around – it pushes air into the building to be able to remove the old, stale air flow. The balanced ventilation system uses both supply and exhaust fans to push old atmosphere and permit fresh air to enter. Health and safety laws require a clean and healthy environment for workers. Therefore, the ventilation system will ensure that your air flow is meeting the guidelines. Healthy workers are happy workers.  

Air Conditioning  

The ac system usually consists of two components, the interior unit called the evaporator and the exterior unit called the condenser. The condenser is at the high-pressure side of the machine. It loses its warmth and becomes a liquid. This liquid moves into the evaporator that’s the low-pressure side of the device. The repeated cycle offers continuous cool air. This will help to keep your workers and your technology cool. As over-heating can be an issue when it comes to super computers or machinery, the constant flow of cool air will help keep the right temperature.  


Your industrial ventilation system design is made up of furnace and a ductwork which are connected together to supply a heat exchange. The machine usually has a fan attached to pull heat from the venting system and permit it to circulate at the construction. A heat pump could be used to supplement the furnace too but for central heating systems, it’s vital. The pump moves heat from outside air into the evaporator and after that, it’s pumped to the ventilation system. 

Each has to be installed correctly for the system to work efficiently. Routine maintenance of your industrial ventilation system can help prevent bad ventilation and save you on long-term expenses. You can find industrial ventilation systems online, or in stores across the UK. It is vital to make sure the company you buy from is reputable and has the correct knowledge of what type of industrial ventilation you need.