Wedding band and music hire is like the icing on the cake; it can help to set the mood for the entire event. Hence planning for wedding music and songs can get to be a little daunting especially if you do not know how to go about it. Here are a few tips and pointers that can get you started in the right direction.

Wedding Hire Event BirminghamThe first and most important thing is to decide what kinds of songs and music that you want to be played on your big day. There are so many options to choose from like traditional wedding bands/music from wedding bands in Birmingham or contemporary, light-hearted, religious, eclectic or somber. You can also choose music pertaining to a specific culture or according to the theme of your wedding if any. Once you have decided the framework, consider half the job done. It is best to sit down with your partner and make the selection rather than do it all by yourself; if you have hired a wedding planner, then make sure that she is also a part of your discussions as the music must reflect the overall mood of the wedding.

You can also mix and match the style of music; some people prefer somber and religious music for the ceremony but fun and sassier dance numbers for the reception to get the guest grooving. Another important tip is to choose wedding bands/music that reflects both of your personalities. Do not blindly follow any trend; instead select pieces that is meaningful to your relationship. You can also play one or two special songs that have touched you during your courtship; it is a wonderful feeling to play some heady love ballads for your first dance during the reception.

Dedicating a special song to a friend or a family member is a great way to say thanks to that person. It is also important that you keep the tastes of your guests in mind while choosing music especially for the cocktail party or reception. Get wedding bands/music that will appeal to both the younger and older generation and will keep all of them on the toes. It is quite easy to hire a wedding band or DJ these days; you just need to go online and search the top ranking ones. Another easy way is to ask for recommendations to your wedding planner or friends and relatives.

If you are hiring a live band from Apollo Live, then make a choice of the instruments that you would like for the wedding music. Some people prefer soft and light piano music while others prefer more specific ones like saxophone, string quartet or a folk group. You can discuss the type of music that you prefer with the band master and also inform him of the special requests. Give adequate time to the band especially if you need many special numbers as they have to procure the music and practice it before the event. But if you are going in for a DJ, the work gets done faster as everything is electronic.